5C Photography Project

5C Photography Project

For this project, I was asked to take photos of 3-4 of each category including places, things, and people. These images have been lightly edited in Lightroom and will hopefully show my photography skills. I am not an experienced photographer, but I think these photos turned out well. I took most of them at my house in Cairo, GA and a few at my church in Camilla, GA. I tried to make sure I had good lighting, focus, and composition in each photo.

Place 1: Far Subject/ Depth of Field
Place 2: Close Subject
Place 3: Unique Angle
Things 1: Close Subject
Thing 2: Leading Lines
Thing 3: Close Subject
People 1: Group/
People 2: Individual/Frozen Motion
People 3: Group/Frozen Motion
People 4: Shallow Depth


I used a borrowed camera to take these photos because I thought a camera would do a better job than my cell phone. The camera is a Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital camera. Some of the photos were taken around between 10-11am and the rest were taken in the evening. I used Lightroom to do the editing on these photos. I tried to make sure that the photos had good lighting and were clear. I could not figure out how to watermark the photos because my Lightroom did not look like the tutorial videos and I couldn’t find the watermark option. However, I did resize each of them to be 1024 pixels on the long side.


I met with Bria Carter and Sunny Stuckey Graham over GroupMe for this project. We sent each other links to our blog sites with the photos and descriptions posted so that we could see each other’s pictures and descriptions. Bria and Sunny thought that my photos and captions met the requirements for this assignment and looked good. They did really great on their photography and I am very impressed by the talent of my classmates. It is very interesting to see unique perspectives from other people.

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  1. Andrea, your photos turned out amazing. The colors and dimensions you were able to capture are stunning. The puppy is my favorite. I tried to get one of my dog but he’s still a puppy and wasn’t having it!


  2. Hey Andrea! I really admire the way your captured your photos. The frozen motion photos are my favorites out of all your pictures. I think you really did a great job with the assignment and really captured the art in every photo.


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